This collection is an exciting rendition of home decor pieces in deliciously fun eclectic pieces inspired by the popular TV dinner of Mac and Cheese. A comfort food that is reminiscent of the younger years; a time spent between commercials that break the intermittent concentration from our favourite TV programs.

Each piece from the collection radiates a sense of playfulness, while maintaining a whimsical quality, making it ideal for the classics who love a dash of quirk. The pieces are designed to provide both a touch of art and functionality.

TMAC Decorazzo and DMDIO have brought to life a series of living room tables, accessories, and lights, that comically twists and bends to the shape of pasta. Its unique pattern, and lively subdued colours allow each piece to sit in harmony within every nooks and crannies of a home. Synonymous to comfort in many homes: Mac + Cheese + Meatballs brings back memories of familiarity, wonder, and nostalgia through its humorous designs making it the heart and core of DMDIO’s character.

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