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Indonesia’s leading decorative terrazzo specialist since 2016, weaving together artisanal craft and function, creating bespoke environments for public places and private spaces.

Distinct in its palette and unique in its composition, makes TMAC Decorazzo the most sought after material, its mesmerizing charm an art form driven with expression and remains to be a favourite amongst many for its durability and design potential.

Our value lies in quality and exceptional service in shaping your imaginations. The freedom to create is yours with an endless choice of aggregates and stone pieces derived from natural materials. Our Decorazzo is thoughtfully manufactured on-site to minimize post-commercial waste and transportation costs, making TMAC the sustainable solution of today.

One of its first in Indonesia, Terrazzo makes for a superior choice for its swift installation time, its non-porous, water resistant characteristic, and seamless finish altogether, allowing better hygiene, and effortless maintenance, lasting for years to come. Creating better manufacturing, livelihood, and works of art is our priority.

Discover our fully customizable collections here at TMAC Decorazzo.

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