Seihoukei Interlude


Born from a deep need to find balance and express a kind of luxury of restrained opulence, this
sumptuous collection offers elements to captivate and transform both the modern and traditional
interior into one of serene, tranquil visual harmony. The key lies in keeping with the basic principle of
design by marrying aesthetic, simplicity and functionality.

TMAC Decorazzo and HADIVINCENT ARCHITECTS shares in the belief that quality is of the essence when making a statement without trying to make a statement. Which is why HADIVINCENT ARCHITECTS focuses on the use of exquisite materials locally sourced; batu andesit, batu serai bali and with sustainably foraged content deriving from deceased corals from Indonesian beach side.

The simple choice for a monochromatic palette sets the backdrop with the perfect shade of warm
whites as it complements its dark grey Andesite lava stones for a visual interplay of geometric

In Japan, the word Seihoukei allude to the core principle of all good design, thus, a “Seihoukei
Interlude” became the resting point for visual contemplation and statement piece embodying calm,
structure and meaning in this timeless design masterpiece that will stood firmly in the precipice of a
changing era.

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